How To Get More Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

high-pr-backlinkUse Comments!

I love this technique because it is very simple and if you know me, I like simple.

First of all, why do you want more quality backlinks to your blog or site?  Traffic!!!

An important SEO technique is having backlinks to your blog. The more you have, the more traffic you get and the higher your Google pagerank becomes.  Comment marketing not only gives you a one-way backlink to your site but it is highly targeted that you have full control of. You get to choose where your comments go. So don’t just comment on any old site. Choose sites like your niche. A good way to choose sites is to search for top blogs within your niche; ie. “top <niche> blog”

Here are the two simple steps:

1) Read a blog post.

2) Comment on it.

That’s it!

Some people say to choose blog posts that have at least 20 comments. That’s because it would make it seem popular which means more readers. Instead, I would suggest choosing a post that interests you and you may actually learn something during the process!

You can take this a step further and take that post and write your own post about it on your blog. You now have a way of creating quality content for your blog.

If you want your beautiful face right next to your name on all your comments, sign up on this free site called Gravatar. It stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. It associates your email address to your face. You can also add multiple email addresses.

Here is another tip. If you don’t already have this, use a WordPress plugin called CommentLuv. It is awesome for a couple of reasons. First, when you leave a comment on a site that has this neat plugin, one of YOUR posts will be featured on THEIR site. Isn’t that cool? This also gives you more backlink power. The second reason is for having their comment show up immediately on your site and vice versa. You will encourage people more to leave comments on your site because of this plugin.

2 thoughts on “How To Get More Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

  1. Kritika

    I think this completely correct. And more than that, just commenting for a link can turn other people off. If I see a site connected with an irrelevant or spammy looking comment, I certainly won’t click that link and I might even remember it the next time I come across it on the web.
    I strongly believe comments should be genuine, insightful and relevant. If the blogger has taken the time to write a good post, the least they deserve is a decent, heartfelt comment.


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