Top 5 Questions about Network Marketing

Network-marketingAnybody inquiring about network marketing, here are the top 5 questions:

1. Do I need to be a salesperson to do this?

Not at all. Some of the most successful network marketers were teachers, doctors, engineers, clerks, and others. If you do network marketing correctly, you are not selling, but rather sharing the company with others. If you would like to know how not to sell click here: Prospect Professionally

2. Can I actually make money at network marketing?

Like any other business venture, some will make money, some won’t. It all depends on how much time and effort you put into it. The key to doing well in network marketing is finding a successful mentor that has a very easy duplicable system whether it is online or offline or both.

3. Is network marketing a pyramid?

It is not an illegal pyramid although the structure is the same as any other business organization. In a traditional business model, you have a president then the vice president, managers, sales people, and workers. The major difference with a network marketing business model (MLM) is that anyone can become the president of their own company. You are not limited in any way and just because you were sponsored by someone and therefore below that person on the organization chart, doesn’t mean you can’t surpass that person in income and rank. You truly can be all that you can be!

4. Why is there such a high failure rate in network marketing?

Although network marketing is a very simple business model, it is not that easy. If it was, then everyone would be doing it. If that happened, who would do our other necessary jobs like doctors, teachers, lawyers, police officers, firemen, etc.  So feel very thankful when someone says no after seeing your company presentation. Doesn’t that make you feel good? I sure did when I first heard of this and the pressure of having everyone join my company was thankfully eliminated.

I believe the main reason people don’t do well in network marketing is their inability to prospect for new leads. Also, for some, the primary reason they joined was for the business opportunity so if that didn’t work out they would stop buying the products or services and quit altogether. So the lesson here is to find a company that has products or services that you truly believe in and would purchase even if they didn’t pay you a commission and find others to do the same.

5. Do I have to talk my friends and family into network marketing too?

If the company you joined is recommending this as the only method for growing your business, you should probably take that as a red flag for staying with the company. Although, you can search the internet for other ways of growing your network marketing business, it would be easier if you had a mentor that was already successful at implementing alternative online and offline methods of marketing.

Do you have any other questions about Network Marketing? Please ask me!

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