Showing A Business Opportunity The Professional Way

This is a continuation from my post on Prospecting the Professional Way.

One of the keys to success in network marketing is duplicability. Whatever system or technique you come up with for doing your business, you need to make it very duplicable and this is one reason why. When you’re approaching your prospects, they may be thinking, do I need to learn this presentation and do this? Now if you show them that something or someone else will be doing the presentation, they will be very glad to know they won’t have to and see how easy this is for them to do.

So what is the professional way of showing a business opportunity?

Let the pro’s do it!  This is how:  DVD, webcast / webinar, online presentation, or local business opportunity meeting given by your upline.

Here is how you use these tools. There are 2 ways you can do this and both are very easy and duplicable.

1) This method is a 2 part process. It consists of sharing a prospecting tool then followed up with a business presentation of your company. This could be a 5 minute DVD you can give to someone then follow up with them to see if they are interested in knowing more about your company. If they are, you then show them the business presentation using the methods above.

If your prospect starts asking questions about the business please hold back on selling the opportunity and let them know that all their questions will be answered in the presentation.

2) The second method is a more simple and direct process. You simply show them the business presentation using the methods above.

Choose whichever method you feel more comfortable with. You won’t go wrong with either. If the person you are prospecting has very little time to spare, use the first method since you’re only asking for 5 minutes of their time. If they have the time, I would recommend using the second method.

The best part of using these methods is that it takes you out of the sales role and utilizes professionally made sales tools to do all the selling for you. Let the pro’s do it for you!

The next step is the follow-up.

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  5. Sischa

    I remember the feoedrm I felt when I first learned this concept. Thanks for the great reminder that putting out all that content does really pay off because it’s permanently on the Internet. Organic traffic beats chasing family and friends any day or spending tons of money on ill-informed advertising efforts hoping to find a needle in the haystack. Been there, done that.


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