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pinterestYou may have just started a blog or website and want to know the hottest social media site to promote your business. Well, it’s Pinterest!  There are millions of people using it and most of them are women. I have heard it is driving more referral traffic than Linked-In, Youtube and Google+.

When creating your new account, make sure you open a business account because they have a terms of service just for businesses. You don’t want to be banished from this hot social media site. Also a business account let’s you use a business name rather than your personal name.

I think of Pinterest as a hybrid between Twitter and Facebook. Instead of using text in Twitter you use pictures instead. It looks like one big vision board and is very impressive. I find it much easier to use than Facebook. Twitter is the easiest to use but then again Pinterest has more features, like creating boards. We’ll talk about boards in a bit.

If you usually don’t post a picture when you blog, you’d better start doing so for Pinterest.

How do you set up Pinterest for Business?

Click on this link to either create a business account or convert your existing personal account. You will then be asked to download a verification file. Save it to somewhere you can remember to retrieve.

You need to upload the verification file into your main directory of your blog or website to verify your site. At the time of this writing Pinterest is not able to verify a blog or site like Blogger or blogs on You or someone you know needs to be able to upload to your main directory. If you are hosting your blog on a site like HostGator you can access your cPanel and upload the necessary file without difficulty.

How do you get to your cPanel login?  Just type in your browser –

Once in your cPanel, click on the “File Manager” icon. You should now be in your “public_html” folder. Click on “Upload” and choose your Pinterest file. You now need to go back to Pinterest and verify their uploaded file. When it shows “Website Verified” you are all set!

Your next step is to create Boards. All you need to do is move your mouse pointer over your business name and click on “Boards”. Again, boards are like categories so create as many as you want. You can also create boards later on so you don’t need to create them all now before pinning anything.

Now the fun begins! To pin something, you can either add it or upload it by clicking on “Add +” at the very top of the page. If you want to add a picture from your computer, just click on “Upload a Pin”. If you want to add an image or picture from an external link or a blog post link or URL, choose “Add a Pin”. If you are using a blog post, this will automatically choose the picture from your post which is why you need to have a picture on your posts. Quite easy and fun isn’t it?

The next step is to make sure you have Pinterest as one of your share buttons oin your blog. If you don’t have a plugin for this, check out my previous post on some highly recommended WordPress plugins. Another option is using WordPress’ Jetpack and Publicize feature. After you enable and setup this option, you will see all the share buttons at the bottom of each of your posts which looks pretty slick, in my opinion.

After you have published a post, you can go back to that page and click on your share button to post it to your Pinterest business account which will then show up on the main Pinterest page for you and all to see. Although you can do this for all your previous posts, you may want to wait a few minutes in between posts so it doesn’t look like you just dumped all your posts at once.

Happy pinning!

Please share how Pinterest has worked for your business.

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