MLM Sucks!

Why does MLM or network marketing have such a bad rap?

Some people call it a pyramid scheme. I assure you it’s not. A true pyramid scheme is where money changes hands with no product or service to go with it. All network marketing companies have a product or service to sell. If they are referring to the shape of the organization when built, doesn’t a traditional business look very similar in shape? You betcha!

Some people who have tried it and failed blame it on the network marketing model, saying it doesn’t work. It may be due to the company, or their products or services or all the above. Others may not be good at networking or talking to people. They feel guilty when talking with their family and friends. There are lots of other reasons people come up with to justify quitting their network marketing business.

They say that a lot of people get close to the top of mountain but didn’t realize how close they were and end up quitting before they do. For some people success happens quickly, while others takes a bit longer. You need to remember that even if it took you a couple of years to build your business, it would be worth doing because you are that much closer to financial freedom. Also think of the people you will or have helped, which is priceless.

Have you tried network marketing and it didn’t work out for you? Find comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Just because you’ve tried one or more network marketing companies and it hasn’t worked out for you, doesn’t mean all network marketing companies are bad. The question to ask yourself is have you found the right company to represent? To help you assess the company you are with or looking at, I think it really comes down to these two very important questions.

Do you love the products or services your company is selling?
Are you willing to buy these products or services even if the company wasn’t paying you?

If you’re answer is no to those questions then you’d better look for another company that does. If you don’t, you will lose the drive and enthusiasm to continue on and end up quitting. You will then blame it on network marketing and other things.

If you have found a company that meets these criteria, you can then further assess the compensation plan and company history but it all starts with the product or service they provide.

I truly believe that as long as there is a desire, you will find a network company you can call home and be proud to represent.

Don’t Give Up!!! Never Quit!!! If you give up, this is the sure way to fail. You have to have faith in yourself. If you keep at it and fully commit, I have no doubt you will succeed.

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