If Network Marketing Is So Good, Why Doesn’t Everyone Join?

join_buttonThe majority of people who don’t join all have the same reason – “I just don’t think that it will work for me.” Why not?

Time – For people who say they don’t have the time because they’re working 60+ hours a week need this the most.  What they need to realize is this is like a part-time job but its better because they can earn an income that can surpass their full-time job freeing up more time to spend with loved ones and other interests. They just need to prioritize their time and to make a full commitment to succeeding.

Money – Other people cannot make the monthly commitment for the product(s) or services. The solution to this is to treat this like a business and earn an income to pay for their product(s) or services.

Commitment – some people just cannot commit to anything. This is probably due to any of the answers above or some psychological barriers they have developed over the years. Life unfortunately has a way of doing this. One way to get over this is to change your attitude and start believing in yourself.

One of the reasons could be that when they are shown a business presentation, they are asking themselves “Can I do this?” If the presentation wasn’t shown properly, this will create obstacles in their mind which will make their decision not to join. Here is my solution: Show the Business Presentation the Professional Way

There are others who have tried a network marketing business and failed, believing that all network marketing businesses are the same. In their minds, they are disqualifying the business model altogether.  That is like saying, if you get a job from a company and that company fires you because of poor job performance that you shouldn’t find another job again because all companies are the same. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? Network marketing is a legitimate business model that works and is here to stay. You just need to find the right company with the right products or services that you will be passionate to share with others.

Everyone who has ever achieved anything difficult has faced those people telling them why they were sure to fail. While those people mean well, they are simply voicing their own opinion. Millions of people have been held back from truly remarkable achievements with their lives because of ‘well-meaning friends’ who told them not to. You have to analyze your decision for yourself – make sure that it is the right one and that it aligns with your beliefs, and then absolutely commit to it. Trust and believe in yourself!

Last but not least, be thankful that not everyone wants to join. Why? If everyone did join, who would be our doctors, dentists, lawyers, baristas, politicians, police officers, firemen, musicians, shop workers, military personnel, accountants and teachers!

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