How to Get Paid to Prospect!

Pay per click or other paid online advertising does add up rather quickly and gets very expensive.  There is an excellent way to pay for those expenses and even come out ahead by actually making some money. It’s called the Funded Proposal!

The funded sponsored proposal, also known as funded sponsoring proposal is a rather new way to build a network marketing business.

The books “Magnetic Sponsoring”, by Mike Dillard and “The Renegade Network Marketer”, by Ann Sieg made this well-known. A funded sponsored proposal utilizes the effectiveness of affiliate marketing to create an additional income stream which can then be used to offset the marketing costs for your primary network marketing business. For those of you that don’t know, affiliate marketing is the selling of other peoples’ or company’s goods and services for which you make a commission from every sale.

The Funded Sponsoring Proposal Philosophy

To understand the concept of a funded proposal, you must first understand the philosophy behind the concept.

Have you heard of the California Gold Rush?  Back in the 1800’s, people were coming in droves to California because of the discovery of gold in the state. While people pulled up their stakes and went out in search of gold, smart entrepreneurs set up shops in California. They offered tools and resources to support people looking for gold.

Network Marketing is the 21st Century Global Gold Rush!

Today we are in the midst of another gold rush. However, this gold rush isn’t restricted to a specific geographical location. The gold rush of the 21st century is the gold rush of the entrepreneur and network marketer.  With the incredible power of the internet and the globalization of the world’s countries there has never been a time when it was easier to set up and promote a business.  A movement is happening where millions of people around the world are turning to the direct sales and network marketing industries.

With a funded sponsored proposal, you can take advantage of this trend by providing support for entrepreneurs looking to build their network marketing businesses. You simply offer information products, tools, software, seminars, courses, even physical books and materials to help distributors in the network marketing industry learn how to effectively build their businesses.

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