How to Attract Leads and Prospects to Your Network Marketing Business

ms180x150You joined a network marketing company and your sponsors told you to make out a list of all of your friends and family. So you tried calling them and it’s not working quite like you wanted it to. You are now faced with having to talk to complete strangers wherever you may be – the 3 foot rule. Feeling a little frustrated and discouraged? Well, I’m very happy to say that you have found the best way to get leads and prospects to your business using the internet. Welcome to Attraction Marketing!

So what exactly is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is simply a method of using techniques to bring people to your business instead of chasing after them. It’s pulling people into your business, rather than pushing them in, which people don’t care for. Remember, people love to buy, but they hate to be sold.

What are these techniques and how can you apply Attraction Marketing to your business?

It is based on the #1 golden rule of the universe, “To Give is to Receive” (give before you get).

When you are building an MLM or network marketing team you promise your prospects and team members training on how to become a home business success. They have absolutely no way to tell that your training will be good or that it will actually help them achieve success. The only evidence they have to go by is your results. So, until you get results people typically don’t want to work with you! If they like your company they will simply find someone more successful to sign up with. This is why some people try to “fake it ’til they make it”. But if you can’t actually train people they fail in the business and typically quit within 30 to 90 days.  So unless you’re a network marketing superstar, you need to gain credibility first, so people will trust and want to work with you.

To attract potential prospects you need to provide your training upfront! Show people how to be a success at a home business before they even look at your company. Attraction Marketing is all about leading with yourself, not your company. Give away as much training as possible in tactics that actually work and your leads will end up asking about your company because they want to work more directly with you. If you are offering them amazing training for FREE, they know that if they join you the one-on-one training will be even better!

How can you do this if you aren’t a success yet?  If you don’t know how to train because you haven’t been trained well yourself??

The easiest way to understand how a total newbie can use Attraction Marketing is to break it down to the 5 major components that make a strong Attraction Marketing campaign.

1. Become Valuable
There are two things that will make you credible to your prospects.
-Having an amazing success story –which will come with time
-Offering great training
Your first step is to get as much training as you possibly can from as many sources as possible and then share it.  Create a blog or an article account with Ezine Articles, and share what you have learned.  With attraction marketing starting to take a real foothold in the industry it is easier than ever to get access to excellent training material. Just find out who the current leaders are and start taking advantage of the training they provide.  Then you can use this knowledge to drive traffic and leads to your site.  You can start with what you learn on this blog.

2. Personal Branding
Your campaign needs to be about you, not your company. Your leads should come through opt-in pages that promote you and your free training. The more specific the opt-in is the better. What will they learn by becoming your lead? Is the training in social media, video marketing, or setting up a website? The more knowledge people have about what they will receive the more likely they are to opt-in.  Be sure that all of your opt-ins, whether it be blog or content related is branded by you. You want them to have already received valuable information from you before you ask them for an email address or contact information.

3. Relationship Building
The most important component of a marketing campaign is getting people to know you as an individual that can be trusted. Always give more than you ask for.  You want to provide value so they will seek you out for more.  Concentrate on what others need and how you can help them.

4. Funded Proposals
A funded proposal is a way to create multiple streams of income as you build your business. You can offer your leads tools and resources that you use and know will be valuable and will help them be a success. You collect affiliate commissions when someone buys the tools and get multiple checks coming in. Remember that the relationship and trust is the most important part of the business so don’t be pushy and insist that people buy anything. If you are providing great training they will ask you for the tools.

5. Automation
A great attraction marketing campaign runs on autopilot so that you can continue to focus on gathering more knowledge to share. You need to create opt-in pages and autoresponders that can build your relationships and a blog that provides relevant training information that can be accessed any time. The use of a marketing system that trains your leads for you is also ideal. You can automate finding good funded proposals by leveraging yourself through the use of a good marketing system with integrated funded proposals. Join an attraction marketing system that delivers weekly trainings from top industry experts. Provide your downline with an attraction marketing system the can teach them to do what you are.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Would you say that the mobile phone is one of the best and most affective ways in which to progress with network marketing but one that not many people are using?

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