Follow-Up is Crucial

follow_upHow many times has someone told you they will follow up with you and never do? What do you think of that person then? Unprofessional, a flake? This is why it’s so important for you to follow up with that person when you say you will. It shows you’re committed and will be there to support your new business partner when they decide to join you.

When following up with prospects, you can also ask your upline to assist you with a three-way phone call or personal visit. This is called edification and it is quite successful in converting prospects since your upline has more experience than you.

After your prospects have had the time to review your business opportunity, you need to get back with them to check on the outcome. When you first talk with them, remind them of their motivation and how this will solve their problem. Also, ask them what they liked about the opportunity and what they didn’t.

If they start giving you objections, they are actually giving you an opportunity to clarify and narrow down their fears or concerns. Once you are able to do this, you can then provide information that will take those fears and concerns away.

If they say no, let them know you agree with their decision, that this is not for everyone, and then politely ask for referrals. Do not try to get “salesy” and do the hard sell. Remember, amateurs convince, professionals sort. We are in the sorting business, not the convincing business. Depending on how you feel about them, you may or may not want to follow up with them in the future by keeping them up to date on your progress.

If they say yes to joining your business opportunity, don’t ever act surprised. Congratulate them and proceed to set up a training session in a couple of days.

Then the cycle repeats itself. Wash/Rinse/Repeat.

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