Can You Build Relationships Online?

building-relationshipsI just read somewhere that you can’t build a relationship online. I definitely have a different opinion on this.

Of course you can build a relationship online. Think of all those dating sites like or, not to mention chat rooms and ads online. The advantage to using the internet for finding your soul mate is the amount of people using the internet. So instead of finding your mate in a big city of 1 million people, you are exposing yourself to hundreds of millions of people thereby increasing your odds of finding that right person. The internet also makes it easier to find people with common interests – for example. People actually get married from these sites. I know of this first hand and you can ask me about it. 😉

A computer with internet is just another communicating medium, like a book, newspaper, phone or billboard but more like a communicating tool on steroids. You can talk or chat with it, video conference, email, share all kinds of media and information, buy stuff with it and on and on.

The three key words to building a relationship is “know, like and trust”. The internet is a great tool to initiate a relationship; the “know” phase. Let’s take dating for example. Asking someone out for the first time is really hard for a lot of people. The internet makes this a lot easier. You start by being anonymous in the beginning so that if it doesn’t work out, it’s not too harsh on your ego that you got dumped. If things progress you get to know that person by sharing more and more of yourself. You may even meet or at least talk on the phone. This is the like phase. Then you spend more time face to face which ultimately builds trust.

Speaking of trust, is it possible to build trust online?  You bet, especially for the younger generation. Think of all the places you shop online. For you to plunk down your credit card to purchase something online you need to trust that store that they will not steal your identity or your money and they will provide the goods or services you paid for.

The older generation will definitely find it harder to buy online, although people have bought stuff from mail order places from long ago, which is more popular today due to the internet.

So in summary, you can build relationships online and I have living proof of this…my lovely wife of 12 years! 🙂   If people can find their soul mates online, you can surely use the internet to attract the right people from the BILLIONS of people out there to your network marketing business. The fun part is finding out who they will be. Could that be you?

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