Be A Trusted Advisor, Not A Salesperson


People don’t particularly care for salespeople. They love to buy but hate to be sold.

When you are a trusted advisor you have a different mentality – thinking about how you can help the other person instead of yourself. You don’t pressure people into something they don’t want to do and people can sense that.

How do you act as a trusted advisor?

A great example of a trusted advisor is a doctor. What does a doctor do when she/he first sees you? They ask questions!  They do this to establish authority and find out what you need help with.

By asking questions you are taking control of the conversation. You are finding out how you can help them. A salesperson on the other hand would be giving their canned spiel which people usually don’t care for. It is usually a one way conversation with them speaking and the customer listening. They are hoping that one of the things they say will create a desire so strong that the buyer feels compelled to act on it. As you can see, this has a very low percentage of actually selling something.

By asking questions, you are involving the customer and engaging them. You are finding out how they heard of you and why they are interested in your product or service. So listening intently is very important. You are also helping and guiding them to make the right decision in your favor. This way they are making the decision and selling themselves so you are left with simply taking and completing the order and say, “Would you like to pay by check or credit card?”

What do you think about this?

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